For over 25 years, LILO Active Collections has been proudly making goods for the outdoor industry.   We are focused on offering specialty retailers excellent customer service, unique and handmade sustainable goods made in the USA, and building relationships with our partners.

At LILO we make it easy for retailers to purchase wholesale from us.  Please email info@lilocollections for an application.

As a dealer you can see our products via our website, e-catalogs, zoom 30 minute presentations, and in-store visit by Lilo Navales (owner and creative director) to show the lines when appropriate.  

The custom leather belt program makes it easy to tailor belts specifically to meet each store's buying theme and needs. We use leather that is tanned and finished in our family factory in Spain and we pair them up and cut each belt to size at our US location in Virginia.  

All our active jewelry is made to order in our studio in Virginia using European leather and finishings. This ability allows stores to theme goods according to each season, color ways, and their customer's needs.

NEW POS custom wood displays including jewelry stands are included for free with jewelry packages. These occupy a small footprint and hold a lot of merchandise nicely.