*1 Only* Vintage Stan The Horse 1.5" Belt

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* 1 only available*

Stylish and unique,Stand the Horse vintage buckle is from our NEW Vintage & Curated belt collection. This buckle makes a bold statement for every horse lover!

It pairs beautifully with your choice of one of our fine quality Spanish leather straps (shown with our vintage chestnut strap).  

Design it and make it your own original one of a kind belt!        

The buckle fits our 1.5" Spanish leather straps.

Designing your own belt is easy! 

  1. Pick-A-Strap
  2. Pick-An-Accent (your belt keeper color can match the strap or add a contrasting color for your own unique look!)
  3. Pick-A-Size *Tip:  Measure yourself where you plan on wearing your belt and add 2".  If you're in between sizes we recommend that you size up. E.g. if you're at 31.5", order 34" belt.

We size our belts from the point of the buckle pin to the 3rd hole of the 5 holes for the perfect adjustable fit.

Made to order in Virginia, USA - This belt is not available for wholesale


(No reviews yet) Write a Review