NEW! Daroca Spur Reversible 1.5" Belt

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NEW!  Beautiful and stylish, the Daroca Spur reversible belt is both luxurious and versatile.  This reversible belt is the perfect accessory to dress up your look with an elegant and minimalistic pop of shine!

Soft Spanish leather with pebble grain finish

Two belts in one with 6 holes allows for maximum flexibility


  • 28" fits 25"-30" (90cm) 
  • 32" fits 29"-34" (100cm)
  • 36" fits 33"-38" (110cm) 
  • 40" fits 37"-42" (120cm)

Choose from black/brown or navy/grey strap and silver, gold, or gunmetal buckle

1.5" wide

NOTE:  This belt strap may be worn with your H buckle

Made in Spain


(No reviews yet) Write a Review